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Scar & Stretch Mark Rejuvenation

Scar & Stretch Mark Rejuvenation is recommended for ALL scars. This is an incredibly effective way to improve the quality and appearance of scars.

Inkless tattooing can be likened to a more intense form of micro-needling.


Safely administered trauma applied to the affected area encourages your body to produce collagen, elastin and melanocytes.


Using specially formulated serums, the healing process is enhanced and results amplified.

We're seeing incredible transformations after a single session, with many clients only needing the one treatment.

Please send photos or book a free consultation to discuss your needs and to allow for an analysis of the treatment area.

An obligation free quote will then be provided to you.

Prices may vary from $85 - $600 per session. Typically 1-3 sessions are required.

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