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A complimentary, obligation free consultation is available for any and all services.

Whether your preference is to come into the clinic for an in-depth consultation, or you'd rather complete a video call, we can discuss the treatment you're interested in, any contraindications and general suitability.


Powder / Ombré Brow

Soft or strong. A treatment for those who pencil/colour in their eyebrows most days.

Initial treatment: $575

4-6 week touchup: $175

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Combo / Nano Brow

Add nano strokes (with machine) for a natural, fluffy look and to fill in gaps.

Powder brow is completed during your first session with powder brow and nano strokes completed at touchup.

Initial treatment: $575

4-6 week touchup: $175

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Lip Blush

This soft, natural enhancement is perfect for those who have lost pigment overtime and want a refreshed pop of colour.

Initial treatment: $575

4-6 week touchup: $175

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A bolder, more saturated application of colour. More colour than a 'blush' but less than an opaque lipstick.

Initial treatment: $575

4-6 week touchup: $175

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Lip Line & Blend

For those who are happy with their general lip pigment but would like a more defined lip line and shape. Can be matched to your natural colour.

Initial treatment: $575

4-6 week touchup: $175

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Scar & Stretch Mark Rejuvenation

Scar & Stretch Mark Rejuvenation is recommended for ALL scars. This is an incredibly effective way to improve the quality and appearance of scars.

Inkless tattooing can be likened to a more intense form of micro-needling.


Safely administered trauma applied to the affected area encourages your body to produce collagen, elastin and melanocytes.


Using specially formulated serums, the healing process is enhanced and results amplified.

We're seeing incredible transformations after a single session, with many clients only needing the one treatment.

Please book a free consultation to discuss your needs and to allow for an analysis of the treatment area.

An obligation free quote will then be provided to you.

Prices may vary from $85 - $600 per session. Typically 1-3 sessions are required.

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Camouflage treatments are suitable for scars that are white in colour and level with the surrounding skin. 

Camouflage is recommended for skin grafts, vitiligo, surgery scars, self harm scars and some stretch marks, to name a few.

Paramedical camouflage is a method of tattooing scars with a customised mix of specifically formulated flesh toned pigments.

Please book a free consultation to discuss your needs and to allow for an analysis of the treatment area.

An obligation free quote will then be provided to you.

Prices may vary from $85 - $600 per session. Typically 2-3 sessions are required.

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BB Glow

Straight from Korea, BB Glow facial serums have skin regenerating properties that can alleviate major skin problems such as dryness, ageing skin, uneven skin tones, sensitivity and scarring. The second serum provides immediate light coverage and glowy healthy-looking skin.

Highest quality, authentic products are administered with the help of nano needling technology which unlike cosmetic tattooing, does not have any pain associated and does not required numbing. 

This treatment includes deluxe cleansing and exfoliation, a skin therapy ampoule selected for your concerns followed by the BB Glow serum. We finish with a facial massage and SPF application.

One treatment sees impressive results, but for further coverage up to 4 sessions are recommended.

Single treatment: $230

Pre purchase 3 x treatments: $586.50


Lash Lift & Tint: $95

Lash Lift (no tint): $75

Lash tint (no lift): $40


Brow Design, Shape & Tint: $70

Brow Design, Shape, Lamination & Tint: $95

Brow tint: $40


Our packages and promotions are best viewed via our booking link as they're often updated. 


Having experienced surgery to remove my own cancer and subsequent chemotherapy treatment, I know firsthand the emotional damage the physical scars left behind, can cause. 

For those who have scars or treatment marks left behind from their own cancer journeys, I perform free rejuvenation and/or camouflage services. 

I'm limited in the number of free services I can provide each month so please leave your details below so that I can reach out to discuss your needs and find an available date and time that works for you.

Thank you. I'll be in touch, soon.



A specially formulated glycolic based serum is tattooed into the skin which breaks down the existing tattoo pigment for surface removal. Literally, wipes away during your session and then fades further during healing.  Dryness (and sometimes scabbing) is common around day 5-7. 


Glycolic removal is suitable for:
- Removing / Lightening / Lifting previous PMU procedures (brows, lips etc)
- Fading unwanted pigment
- Brow & Lip Shape alteration
- Removing / Lifting unwanted strokes (Microblading or machine hairstrokes)

Can be used on Brows, Lips, Camouflage & Areola, and more.

Multiple sessions may be necessary with packages available upon enquiry. Free consultations are available.
Price is for each treatment and includes numbing.

Single Treatment: $140



Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure for people living with hair loss.

SMP re-creates the appearance of hair follicles using specialised tattooing equipment and premium pigments, to recreate 'follicles' that are hyper-realistic and undetectable. 

SMP is fast becoming the go-to hair loss treatment for anyone with male or female pattern baldness, thinning hair, alopecia, receding hairlines, and scarring from injury or hair transplant surgery.

SMP is performed by our sister company, Confidence Ink, located at the same address.

Check them out via the link below and book in for a free consultation.

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