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Using advanced cosmetic and paramedical tattooing techniques, exceptional products and state of the art equipment, Ally at Sepema Cosmetic Tattooing redefinesrenews and enhances your natural beauty, from head to toe.

With a focus on lip blush, powder brow, scar camouflage and scar rejuvenation, your appearance is afforded a new lease on life.

Any treated area is thoroughly examined (and mapped, if lips/brows) and your feedback is encouraged at every stage of the process. We even custom blend pigment to achieve the most ideal colour.

The tattooing process is swift and relatively painless as anaesthetic is available for maximum comfort. 

Ally is meticulously trained in the art of cosmetic and paramedical tattooing so you're in excellent hands.

View detail descriptions of each service on our SERVICES page.

Unsure if Cosmetic Tattooing is for you?

Don't worry! A free, no obligations consultation via video call or in person at the Brighton clinic.

Sepema Cosmetic Tattooing owner Ally
SEPEMA Cosmetic Tattooing owner Ally with Confidence Ink owner Dave
Combining forces with Bayside's leading Scalp Micropigmentation artist, we're able to provide a comprehensive service offering, all under one roof.

With a commitment to excellence, we're constantly  up-skilling in the best techniques and researching the best tools for the greatest client outcomes.

Our respective clinics are set away from the hustle and bustle and your treatment will always be private and maintained with the highest level of respect and confidentiality.

Reach out to Dave at
Confidence Ink directly or ask me about SMP services at your next appointment.
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